Maryland Action

ACTION ALERT: SB783 Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee Hearing on Wednesday, March 9th at 1PM (EST)

We are grateful to Senator Will Smith for his leadership and for the 15 co-sponsors of SB783 in the Senate. The proposed amendment has been assigned to both Judicial Proceedings and the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs in the Senate. 

To submit written testimony for the 3/9 hearing:

  1. Sign up for a MyMGA account.
  2. Submit your written testimony. YOU MUST DO THIS BETWEEN 4:00PM March 8 and 10:00 am March 9
  3. Directions for testimony sign up
    1. Click “Witness Signup” on the menu to the leftb. Click the “Committees” dropdown menu at the top and click“Judicial Proceedings Committee”c. Find SB783 and select the “Favorable” option from its correspondingdropdown menu, then select the “Written” from the second dropdownmenu.d. Select the “Upload File(s)” option and select your written testimony.e. Written testimonies will ONLY be accepted in PDF format.f. Written testimony PDFs should be saved with a name that includes thebill number, name of person or individual, and the position, i.e.SB783_vanRossum_GAFTG_fav.g. Once you have uploaded your testimony PDF, confirm there is a checkmark in the box to the left of the SB783.h. Click “Save” on the top lefti. Click “Signed up Items” on the top to confirm your testimony issubmitted properly.

Check back here for an update on how to submit written comment and to sign up for public testimony before March 9th! 


ACTION ALERT: HB596 Hearing on Wednesday, Feb 23 at 1pm (EST) in the House Environment and Transportation Committee 

Write your State Legislator in Support of HB596/SB783 We need 60% of the House and Senate to ultimately pass this amendment. That is a lot of votes! Please write your state legislator now to ask for their support in passing HB596/SB783. You can use our updated letter campaign here.

Help Advance A Maryland Green Amendment!

Encroachments onto our environment are becoming all too common. Much of the damage done is irreparable, often impacting large segments of the population for extended periods of time, and done with seemingly little or no recourse for the affected parties. Maryland is joining the national movement – Green Amendments For the Generations – to secure Constitutional recognition and protection of Environmental Rights. It is time for Maryland to amend the state constitution to enshrine the inalienable rights of Maryland residents to clean water, clean air and a healthy environment.

For decades, the people of Maryland have relied on federal and state legislation to protect their natural resources. And for decades, the laws have let them down. Maryland’s water, air, coastal areas and forests have been allowed to degrade in ways that are harming people’s lives. Rights embedded in our founding documents- to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – are threatened by a damaged environment. A Constitutional provision could help change that.

A Maryland Green Amendment would provide lasting protections for breathable air, drinkable water, and make the state a fiduciary for equal access to a healthy environment for all Maryland communities, including both present and future generations.

If you’re interested in getting involved or want to help, please send us a message! In the meantime, please sign and circulate our petition:

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