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Dear Governor Carney and Delaware General Assembly,

Here in the State of Delaware, while we have a strong system of environmental laws that  have provided important protections to our water, air and communities, improved public health, supported good jobs and provided for a solid economy, we still do not have a fundamental right to a healthy environment. As a result, communities across our state continue to be unfairly harmed by environmental degradation.

  • Sea level rise is impacting the health and safety of coastal communities;
  • Drinking water in numerous communities is contaminated.  Perfluorinated compounds in the drinking water in the Town of Blades and the City of New Castle, volatile organic compounds in the City of Newark and Hockessin, and nitrates in Millsboro and throughout Sussex County are examples of the recent drinking water contamination issues that have threatened the health of Delawareans;
  • Air quality impacts public health statewide, ozone levels continue to exceed National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and Delaware’s Air Quality Index too often Code Red “unhealthy” or Code Orange “unhealthy for sensitive groups”;
  • Air pollution is especially a concern in fenceline communities neighboring industrial sites including Croda’s Atlas Point, the Delaware City Refinery, Indian River Power Plant, Honeywell in Claymont, BASF in Newport, Johnson Controls in Middletown, Calpine in Dover, Mountaire in Millsboro, Allen Harim in Harbeson, and the other facilities listed on Delaware’s Toxics Release Inventory;
  • Contaminated sites with dangerous toxins are in need of clean up statewide;
  • Native plant and animal species are being lost at an “alarming rate;”

Our access to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment should be protected with the same legal strength that we protect the other political, civil, property and human rights we hold dear.

We, the undersigned, support the passage of an Amendment to Article I of the Delaware State Constitution, the Bill of Rights, that recognizes the inalienable and self-executing rights of present and future generations to clean air, clean water, a stable climate and a healthy environment and to recognize the duty of the state to serve as trustee to conserve, protect and maintain these resources for the benefit of all the people.



Alternatively, you can print out a paper copy of the petition here and bring it along with you. Once you have a completed sheet be sure to mail or scan and email copies to Green Amendments For The Generations (information will be provided on the sheets).