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The People of Maine do not have constitutional recognition or protection for their  inalienable rights to pure water, clean air, a stable climate and healthy environments.

Maine has a well-developed system of environmental laws that have provided important protections to our water, air and communities while at the same time improving public health and supporting good jobs and solid economic values.  Even so, communities across our state continue to be impacted by pollution and environmental degradation.

There is a gap in Maine’s environmental protection laws, policies and programs that can and should be filled by constitutional recognition of our environmental rights, including those of future generations.

Given that we all depend upon pure water, clean air, a stable climate & a healthy environment to support and sustain our healthy lives and our healthy economy, it is right and appropriate that they should be protected with the same legal strength that we protect our rights to free speech, freedom of religion, our due process rights and our property rights.  

A Maine Green Amendment would recognize, in our Constitution’s Declaration of Rights:

  • the inalienable rights of all the people of Maine, including future generations, to pure water, clean air, a stable climate and healthy environments;
  • that Maine’s public natural resources, including its waters, air, flora, fauna, climate, and public lands, belong to all the people, and that all government officials in the state of Maine have a duty to serve as trustee to conserve, protect, and maintain these resources for the benefit of all the people, including future generations; and
  • that these rights are self-executing and must be given the same legal recognition and protection as all the other human, civil and political rights we hold dear.

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Alternatively, you can print out a paper copy of the petition here and bring it along with you. Once you have a completed sheet be sure to mail or scan and email copies to Green Amendments For The Generations (information will be provided on the sheets).