ACT NOW—New York

Want to help the State of New York to pass a Green Amendment?

Here are FOUR things you can do:

#1 Write to your Assembly and Senate representatives in the New York Legislature. They need to hear from you. Urge them to sponsor A.2064/S.2072 if they haven’t already, and to be sure to vote for its passage as soon as the opportunity arises. You can find suggested letter language and easily submit your letter online.

#2 Sign our petition supporting passage of a New York Green Amendment. This is a great complement to the letter you sent above and to show all of our NY legislators the high level of support when the moment is right. So please, go to the link and sign our petition, and then get your family, friends and community members to do the same: Sign the petition.

#3 Sign Your NY Organization on to the Organization Petition Supporting Passage of a NY Green Amendment: Are you a representative of an organization in NY that is supportive of the NY Green Amendment and authorized to sign for your organization? If so, sign your organization on here! Once we have a critical mass of organizations signed on, we will deliver the petition to our NY legislators!

#4 Get others to sign the petition. Share the link on social media, or print out a copy of the petition and take it with you to work, to coffee shops, to social gatherings or your kids’ events and ask others to sign the petition too. If they don’t want to sign the paper then remind them they can sign online. Once you have a completed sheet be sure to mail or scan and email copies to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (information will be provided on the sheets). You can print out a copy of the petition to carry around here.


Write a LETTER

Sign on to the PETITION


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