West Virginia

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December 16, 2019 Delegate Evan Hansen, joined by over half a dozen West Virginia legislators, Green Amendment Founder Maya van Rossum, Tracy Danzey who has suffered serious health consequences due to environmental pollution and is inspiring communities to defend their environment, and West Virginia Rivers Coalition Executive Director Angie Rosser, announced that they would be re-introducing a West Virginia Green Amendment — to be named the West Virginia Environmental Rights Amendment – for the 2020 legislative session.  You can view the press conference making the announcement here.

House Joint Resolution 25 was originally proposed February 11, 2019 and is modeled on Pennsylvania’s Green Amendment.  HJR, if passed, would add a right to pure water, clean air and a healthy environment to the Bill of Rights section of the W.Va. Constitution.

The primary sponsoring delegate is Evan Hansen. In 2019 he was  joined by 31 cosponsors. Click here to see all sponsors.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions *Legislator Edition* on what a Green Amendment means for West Virginia.







West Virginian Delegates Sponsoring the Green Amendment


WV Delegates
Name Sponsorship District  Party 
Evan Hansen Primary 51 D
Tim Miley Cosponsor 48 D
Danielle Walker Cosponsor 51 D
Lisa Zukoff Cosponsor 04 D
Barbara Fleischauer Cosponsor 51 D
Thompson Cosponsor 43 D
John Doyle Cosponsor 67 D
Amanda Estep-Burton Cosponsor 36 D
Sammi Brown Cosponsor 65 D
Rodney Pyles Cosponsor 51 D
Phil Diserio Cosponsor 2 D