ACT NOW—New Jersey

Eager to Help Advance Passage of New Jersey’s Green Amendment? Great! Because we need your help.

Here are SEVEN things you can do:

#1Write to your Assembly and Senate representatives in the New Jersey Legislature. They need to hear from you. Urge them to sponsor ACR80/SCR30 if they haven’t already, and to be sure to vote for its passage as soon as the opportunity arises. You can find suggested letter language and easily submit your letter online.

#2 Call Your Legislators to Support a NJ Green Amendment! Call your representatives and ask them to sponsor ACR80/SCR30 if they haven’t already, and to be sure to vote for its passage as soon as the opportunity arises. Call them now!

#3 Sign our petition supporting passage of a New Jersey Green Amendment and join our NJ Community Google Group. This is a great complement to the letter you sent above because once we hit 10,000 signatures, we are going to do a big press conference and announce the high level of support. So please, go to the link and sign our petition, and then get your family, friends and community members to do the same: Sign the petition. By signing the petition, we will add you to our active community google group where we post regular updates and new actions you can take.

#4 Get others to sign the petition – share the link on social media, or print out a copy of the petition and take it with you to work, to coffee shops, to social gatherings or your kids’ events and ask others to sign the petition too. If they don’t want to sign the paper then remind them they can sign online. Once you have a completed sheet be sure to mail or scan and email copies to Green Amendments For The Generations (information will be provided on the sheets). You can print out a copy of the petition to carry around here.

#5 Encourage your municipality or county freeholders to pass a resolution in support of the Green Amendment. We have a model resolution you can use and lots of information we can share to support your effort. Be sure your officials send a copy of the passed resolution to their state Assembly and Senate representatives and send a copy to Green Amendments For The Generationis (925 Canal St, suite 3701, Bristol, PA 19007, or email to so we can keep track of the building support. And if you would like Maya van Rossum, GAFTG Founder and author of the book The Green Amendment to come speak to your targeted board of officials about the benefits of a NJ Green Amendment we can arrange that too. You can find a copy of the model resolution here. For a flyer that can help you encourage your municipal leaders or county freeholders to pass a resolution in support, click here.

#6 Write an opinion piece to your local paper expressing your reasons for support the proposed NJ Green Amendment. Opposition is building behind the scenes, help us show the politicians being targeted that there is no good choice but to vote yes to the constitutional recognition and protection of environmental rights.

#7 Sign Your NJ Organization on to the Organization Petition Supporting Passage of a NJ Green Amendment: Are you a representative of an organization in NJ that is supportive of the NJ Green Amendment and authorized to sign for your organization? If so, sign your organization on here! Once we have a critical mass of organizations signed on, we will invite your organization to a press conference in Trenton to announce and deliver the petition!

Write a LETTER


Sign on to the PETITION


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