NY Green Amendment Rally and March

Rally & March to Celebrate Our New York Green Amendment & Challenge NY Government to Embrace It

Friday, July 12, 12:00pm Noon
New York State Capitol Building steps
State St. and, Washington Ave,
Albany, NY 12224

Join leaders, activists, and Green Amendment plaintiffs for a rally and march to lift up the protections the NY Green Amendment is providing communities & challenge Governor Hochul, Attorney General Letitia James, and the NY Department of Environmental Conservation to embrace the opportunity & obligation for protection the amendment provides. By lifting up New York’s Green Amendment we will also be inspiring communities in the 20 other states seeking these same powerful protections. The more that gather, the stronger our message that We The People demand our government leaders respect and protect our environmental rights.

I want to sign the letter to Governor Hochul and others

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New York is one of only 3 states in the ENTIRE United States that has a Green Amendment. Meaning, New York has given the people of its state a constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment for current and  future generations. By a vote of over 70% of New Yorkers in 2021, this powerful right was added to the New York Declaration of Rights, giving the power to the people to defend their environmental rights. 

An important focus of the day is the delivery of our letter demanding that the Governor, Attorney General, and Department of Environmental Conservation recognize, respect and protect our environmental rights.  Currently they are advocating the amendment changes not much of anything when it comes to the environmental protection, environmental justice or their legal obligations for better environmental protection.  If you have not yet signed the letter please be sure to do so now. And urge your friends, family and co-workers to do so as well.

The New York Green Amendment is a powerful tool for advancing environmental justice for frontline communities, for securing climate justice for present and future generations, and for ensuring the quality of the air, water and environments that impact every aspect of our lives.

New York’s Green Amendment, Article 1 Section 19, Reads: 

Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.

Key time, date & details

Rally will be held Friday, July 12, starting at 12:00pm Noon

We will be gathering on the steps of the state capitol in Albany, located at Washington Avenue & State Street, Albany, NY 12224. We plan to begin at noon with chants, songs & speakers. Then we will join together for a march, approximately half mile long, to the NY DEC offices located at 625 Broadway, to deliver our sign on letter and other key items.  If you have not yet signed the letter please be sure you do.

Please be sure to bring

  • water bottle or other hydration
  • snacks to sustain you on the day
  • fold out chair if you need
  • umbrella or hat for sun shade
  • sunscreen for exposed skin

Please Wear Green

We are hoping everyone will wear some Green for our NY Green Amendment Rally.  In addition, we will have some cool Green Colors for added green color, but if we can all come wearing some Green it would be beautiful!


Feel free to bring your own sign about government protecting your right to clean water & air, & a healthful environment, &/or enforcing the NY Green Amendment.  We will also have signs on hand you can use and take home at the end of the day that have messages about the values of a Green Amendment.


Driving yourself?

To figure out the best way to get to the Capitol in Albany, here is a link to their website  https://www.albany.org/listing/new-york-state-capitol/893/, and the address you can use in a navigation platform is: Washington Ave and State St, Albany, NY 12224

Taking Public Transportation? 

There are lots of options for public transportation depending on your departure location. Some good places to start would be Greyhound , Amtrak , or Flixbus . Google Maps will also direct you if you put in your starting location, direct it to the New York State Capitol ( found at State St. and, Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12224), and select the train icon to see various public transportation suggestions from your area.

Green Amendments For The Generations is currently looking into a bus that will take people from the Albany-Rensselaer train station to the capitol.   We are currently considering the bus picking up at people from the station at around 11 am.   Stay tuned for more specifics.

Staying Overnight?

Green Amendments For The Generations is also looking into group rates at hotels but in the meanwhile some here are some hotels located near the New York State Capitol:

You may also want to consider AirBnB or other accommodations or  campsites in New York to enjoy.