Legal & Advocacy Successes

In the three states that have Green Amendments — Pennsylvania, Montana, New York — communities are using their constitutional rights to fight for, and WIN, critical environmental protections. Some efforts involve litigation, others are advocacy. Every victory – whether through legal action or effective community organizing and advocacy — sets important precedent and becomes powerful inspiration for others seeking and/or enforcing their own Green Amendment rights. You can read about some of the key successes and ongoing efforts here.

Green Amendment Legal Victories in the 3 Green Amendment States That Have Them.

(Key Green Amendment cases laid out & explained.)



New York:

Green Amendment Advocacy Victories

Green Amendment Advocacy & Legal Ongoing

  • Lights Out Norlite — Ongoing Legal: New York communities using Green Amendment to seek protection from hazardous air pollution emitting from industrial operation where the state has failed to take meaningful enforcement action needed to protect human health and the environment.
  • Fresh Air For The Eastside — Ongoing Legal:  New York Green Amendment legal action to protect communities from air pollution & greenhouse gas emissions appealed by the state.  Legal briefings are currently ongoing. You can read the Green Amendments For The Generations Amicus Brief here.
  • Amicus Brief Filed in Marple v. PUC — Ongoing Legal: read the amicus brief filed by Green Amendments For The Generations & partner organizations supporting the Town of Marple as they respond to the state’s appeal.  Brief focuses on the proper interpretation and application of the Pennsylvania Green Amendment for ensuring proper consideration of constitutional and environmental impacts.
  • Seneca Lake Guardians vs. Seneca Meadows Landfill — Ongoing Legal:  Community, property & business owners joined together to challenge the ongoing operations of the Seneca Meadows Landfill, as well as a proposed expansion of the landfill and the failure of the NY DEC to enforce violations of the permit that oversees the landfill’s operations.