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January 30, 2024. Maya van Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper and Founder of Green Amendments for the Generations provided testimony before the Washington state House Environment and Energy Committee on the need for a Green Amendment in the state.

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The Held v. Montana case set a huge precedent, affirming Montanan’s constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment. For the first time ever, it declared that their fundamental right includes the right to a safe and stable climate. What other states have constitutional Green Amendments or are seeking to achieve them? Are there other victories based on Green Amendments that protect our environment and environmental rights? On October 4th, we brought legal experts together to explore how Held v. Montana and Green Amendments intersect to provide unparalleled protections for present and future generations.

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On April 19 Green Amendments for the Generations Founder and Delaware Riverkeeper May van Rossum spoke at the Connecticut Climate Mobilization event about the need to adopt an environmental rights amendment in the state.

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Youth Leaders from across New Jersey rallied at a virtual press conference to call on their legislators to protect their environmental rights and advance a NJ Green Amendment.

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by Alex Djordjevic

A community in Chester County, Pennsylvania has been fighting the state and township to clean up and remediate an abandoned toxic site which has been polluting the community for decades. Frustrated by government inaction, residents have turned to using Pennsylvania’s Green Amendment to protect public health, safety, and their community.

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Tune in every week to join lifelong environmental activist, Maya van Rossum, and her daughter Anneke a young activist herself, explore pressing issues around environmental protection, environmental justice, and the need for greater community engagement for securing social change.

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