Larry Stauffer was born in 1960 in Devon, Pennsylvania. He attended Conestoga High School and pursued a life as an electrician, working at Cabrini University for over 40 years and starting his own family business soon after. He was an animal lover, Flyers fan, and devoted husband and father.

Larry Stauffer was an amazing person who lived his beliefs.  Larry was dedicated to environmental protection, caring for the health and safety of children impacted by life-threatening illnesses, and showing respect to all people and the different choices they make to reflect their own personalities.  

Family and friends of Larry Stauffer have created the social brand  “Live Like Larry” to reflect and carry forward Larry’s beliefs and achievements: 

  • To keep Larry’s name, achievements and passions alive. 
  • To share Larry’s way of life as an example to be duplicated by others who care as deeply as Larry about environmental protection, child health and well-being, community protection, and respect for all people. 
  • To support — through education, advocacy and financial contribution — the programs Larry believed in and dedicated his life to, which includes the powerful protection for community and environmental protection Green Amendments provide.

This page is dedicated to Larry Stauffer and the Stauffer family, who have been longtime friends and allies of Green Amendments For The Generations. Friends and family of Larry have set up a website to honor his life and to inspire others to live just as passionately as he had. Live Like Larry.