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A mother daughter duo fighting for our planet.

Tune in every week to join lifelong environmental activist, Maya van Rossum, and her daughter Anneke a young activist herself, explore pressing issues around environmental protection, environmental justice, and the need for greater community engagement for securing social change. As the Delaware Riverkeeper for over 27 years, Maya has been the world’s longest serving Riverkeeper and also founder of the Green Amendments For The Generations movement dedicated to securing constitutional rights across the U.S. Through her role as an advocate and mother, Maya has not only secured critical environmental protections, but also inspired her daughter Anneke to pursue her own journey of environmental advocacy since childhood thru young adulthood. Every week Maya and Anneke will talk about social and environmental topics through the generational lense and how some things have changed but also how many have not. They will discuss critical environmental protection, environmental justice, climate justice, generational justice, and social justice issues — sharing information, expressing concerns, and talking about ways people can get engaged to make a meaningful difference in ways large and small.

Green Genes Season 2 Episode 7 - Uvalde...

June 3, 2022

This was a topic very painful to cover but as like so many families across this nation, we send our loved ones to school everyday now in fear of what could happen. This week we discuss the heartbreaking shooting that occurred in Ulvada, Texas while calling out those legislators and representatives that need to be doing something NOW to stop the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings occurring nearly everyday.


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