On February 14, 2020, Senator Christopher Bray proposed a Green Amendment be added to the Vermont constitution.

Cosponsors of the proposal include Senators Balint, Baruth, Campion, Clarkson, Hardy, Hooker, Ingram, Lyons, McCormack, Parent, Pearson, Perchlik, Pollina and Rodgers

P.R. 9 would amend Chapter 1 of the state constitution to add a new Article, Article 23, that would read as follows:

Article 23. [Right to a clean environment]

That the people have a right to clean air and water and the preservation of the natural, scenic, and cultural values of the environment. The State of Vermont’s natural resources are the common property of all the people. The State shall conserve and maintain the natural resources of Vermont for the benefit of all people.

Green Amendments For The Generations is working with environmental and community leaders to develop and advance a Vermont Green Amendment movement.  While the pandemic forced us to postpone a number of organizing meetings, we are not letting that derail the effort.

If you want to support advancing a Vermont Green Amendment, sign in support here and please share the link far and wide.

On June 26th 2020,GAFTG and the Living Earth Action Group held a virtual presentation and discussion on environmental rights in Vermont. Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman joined to discuss Vermont’s proposal to recognize and protect the rights of all Vermont communities to pure water, clean air, a stable climate and healthy environments.