<strong>Green Amendments For The Generations</strong>

Securing a Constitutional Right to Pure Water, Clean Air, a Stable Climate & Healthy Environments, For All People, Including Future Generations, Regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Religion or Income.

The goal of the Green Amendments For The Generations is to advance a Green Amendment movement that sweeps the nation and secures for all people constitutional recognition and protection of their inalienable rights to pure water, clean air, a stable climate  and healthy environments.  We seek to inspire and support pursuit and passage of self-executing, environmental rights amendments in the Bill of Rights section of every state constitution across the U.S. and ultimately at the federal level.  Once accomplished, we will work with communities to ensure their strong and meaningful implementation and enforcement.

Green Amendments For The Generations is a national movement to protect your environmental rights.

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Maya K. van Rossum is the Founder of the Green Amendment movement & author of "The Green Amendment" book. She has also served as the Delaware Riverkeeper for over 27 years.
The Green Amendment
Learn about "The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment" - a book by Maya K. van Rossum.

We acknowledge the land we now occupy…

We acknowledge that the land we now occupy is the land of Indigenous Peoples who were removed by force or deception and, indeed, via genocide to enable European settlers to live. Some of those Indigenous Peoples remain on their ancestral lands and have some limited autonomy. However, most were driven away or killed. We pledge to honor the land of these Indigenous Peoples on this continent including the water, air, and all other natural things that are on the land for which they were excellent stewards. We further pledge to adopt the “Seven Generations” principle of those Indigenous Peoples which requires us to think about how our actions today have consequences for the generations who will follow us. This is completely in keeping with the philosophy and mission of the Green Amendments For The Generations organization.

“Invite me to speak, helping to inspire our nation to demand Pennsylvania’s promise of environmental protection for all.”

—Maya K. Van Rossum, Founder of the Green Amendment movement