Ice age hiking trail and stone stairs in sunlight during sunset hours. Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo area, Wisconsin, Midwest USA.

A Wisconsin Green Amendment is proposed.

Earth Day 2024, Representative Darrin Madison and Senator Mark Spreitzer announced their proposal that a Wisconsin Green Amendment be added to the state’s constitution.  

The WI Green Amendment, as proposed, would be added to the state constitution’s Declaration of Rights (Article 1), and would read:

Section 27. The people, including future generations, have the right to a clean, safe, and healthy natural environment, including pure water, clean air, healthy soils, self-sustaining ecosystems, and a safe and stable climate, and to the preservation of the natural, cultural, scenic, and healthful qualities of the environment.

Wisconsin Green Amendment officially announced:

How Would the Wisconsin Green Amendment Help Advance Environmental Rights & Justice?

Here are some resources to help advance your knowledge, expertise and leadership on advancing the Wisconsin Green Amendment.

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