National Green Amendment Day 2021

On July 13th, 2021, we partnered with environmental justice leaders across the nation and launched the inaugural National Green Amendment Day.

Green Amendment Day is dedicated to educating and engaging civil rights, environmental, environmental justice and Indigenous leaders and community members across the nation around the power of Green Amendments for ending environmental racism and restoring environmental justice through constitutional empowerment.

Environmental racism is just too widespread and ingrained in our society to entrust to politics and politicians. Communities of color disproportionately live in environmental sacrifice zones, where industrial contaminants, pollution, and other poisons degrade water, air, and soil, causing heart disease, asthma, cancer, compromised immune systems, and other serious illnesses.

Ending environmental racism and securing true environmental justice requires systemic legal and government reform. By providing constitutional recognition and protection we can raise up the inalienable rights of all people to a clean & healthy environment, and transform our system of laws and government to ensure environmental justice is mandatory, equitable and enforceable.

Highlights from Green Amendment Day 2021

Legislative Champion Spotlight – exclusive interviews with legislators from different states who championed the Green Amendment Movement in this past year

Champion Spotlight with New York’s Assemblyman Englebright

Champion Spotlight with Maine’s Sen Maxmin & Sen. Bennett

Champion Spotlight with Washington’s Rep. Lekanoff

Champion Spotlight with Hawaii’s Sen. Gabbard

Panel of Leading Environmental Justice Voices.

A panel of leading environmental justice voices from across the nation, united in ending environmental racism and restoring environmental justice through constitutional empowerment.

    • Kim Gaddy, Founder and Director, South Ward Environmental Alliance
    • Kerri Evelyn Harris, Community Organizer and Advocate
    • Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, serving New Mexico’s 16th District and lead sponsor of the NM Green Amendment
    • Maya van Rossum, Founder, Green Amendments For The Generations and the Delaware Riverkeeper
    • Terry Sloan, Director, Southwest Native Cultures
    • Dr. Sacoby Wilson, Associate Professor, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health

Moderated by Maria Payan, Senior Regional Representative at Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (SRAP) and Sussex Health & Environmental Network (SHEN). Find more information and full bios of speakers here.


  1. Sign & share the petition in support of a Green Amendment in your state: Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia
    Don’t see your state? Move on to Action 2 or 3!
  2. All States – Sign & share the petition for the Federal Green Amendment: Green Amendments in every state across our nation are a crucial first step to transforming environmental protection and justice, but a federal Green Amendment is needed to hold our federal government officials accountable including the Congress, agencies, and the President.
  3. All States – Write to your legislator: No matter what state you live in, your legislators need to hear from you! It is vitally important that legislators understand the values of having a constitutional Green Amendment and are prepared to do everything they can to support one.
  4. Donate $13 in honor of the 13 states with Green Amendment proposals: We need your support to help respond to the tremendous interest in this positive and powerful path for environmental protection and justice. Every single dollar helps us continue to fight for your and future generations’ right to a healthy environment.


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